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GracePointe Baptist Church
568 Winesap Road
PO Box 288
Madison Heights, VA  25472
Phone: (434) 439-0476
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Hear what others have to say about Grace- Pointe...
"We found GracePointe to be a very enjoyable experience. We appreciated the warm welcome, great atmosphere, and BIblie preaching. We look forward to returning." SM

"I love attending a church that when I walk through the doors I feel accepted by everyone, 'Just as I am.'"  BR

"GracePointe is a place where you can start over. You are part of the family here." GT

"When I visited GracePointe I was treated like famiy and felt right at home. People seemed to be 'sincerely' worshipping. I will definetly be back!" SS

"While not attending any church for the past ten years, I had developed the same void in my life that most non committed Christians feel.  A void that, as a saved person, made me feel empty and alone during life's travels.  Things like not being able to get into a true holiday sprit.  Feeling the guilt of not worshiping Jesus on Sunday morning in his house, the way my beliefs had taught me to do.  Grieving the lost of a loved one without the support and prayers of a church family.  The realization that talents which needed to be used in praise of God, laying silent.  Though a series of events that could have only been arranged by the hand of God, Gracepointe was formed.  Based on the foundation that God's grace blankets us just as we are.  Lead by a pastor that speaks to you, not at you.  I am very thankful that God has led me to this time in my life, to this place of worship, to this group of people.  Gracepointe, a church home where God's salvation is truly revealed."  DT
GracePointe is a great place for kids- it's not boring like some churches I have gone to. If you are a kid, or a family with kids, you will love GracePointe! ST

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